Too Much

by Forest Marchini

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released January 1, 2012


all rights reserved



Forest Marchini Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Devised A Mind
Devised a Mind

Lovin', return to the tips of my toes and pull me onward
Hatred, burning in the pit of my soul, boiling upward

Great, now I will be forced to watch you on the upswing
A lifetime only hoping to watch it all fall, see it sinking

They tried to find something to keep me happy and forgetful
but I've devised a mind unafraid to challenge any evil

Been told not to worry and been told not to tell
Held in a cell, yelling for help

I can't win you over like I won my joy
What you want is a toy, what a world, oh boy
Track Name: Dear Leader
Dear Leader

It's worn off now, the sedation you gave
And we'll not ask for more
Not again, we say
We're thinking, it's not what you want
We'll choose soon, who to bring hell upon
You feel like you rule the world
But I've seen a thousand strong
With eyes not confused as to
the path to take to freedom
And it's not with eyes aligned
to the prizes you designed to blind us
We'll take back control a little at a time
Each day we deny to buy a life designed
We'll never let you decide what is right for us
We won't build your divide
and we will never trust you
You think you can pin me down
with plastic and sweets and sounds
But I've found a happiness that grows the less I take
And anyone who tries to say I'm wrong
has not a clue what's at stake
Track Name: Couldn't Love You More
Couldn't Love You More

Steep me in the summer heat
roil me in the river deep
I've never been more
taken aback by the smiling eyes
and the joy that I take throwing forward time
I couldn't love you more

Given a gift and asked what in return?
Learn how to love, well I'd love to learn
Life in color

I couldn't love you more

I revel in the pleasure
and I revel in the pain
I am washed from head to toe
in fully living again
If something's gone astray
flying from day to day
I will bring upon my hate
and make it very afraid

I couldn't love you more
Track Name: Satisfaction

Flying highs, diving dips
crying eyes if love should slip
Fingertips that hold up high
slipping grip in the cold of the night

Miles I ride through the air
for smiles that curl my hair I
t never treats me fair
but it's all that takes me there

What tomorrow says, today feels
what my brother loves it works its way into my heels

It's a bliss in the eyes, a bliss on the screen
a bliss to fall into like sleep
It follows you home before it leaves
crawl on your own and wait for relief

The saddest fact this way
is no satisfaction stays
The bliss that fills these days
by night it leaves no trace

Slip today, fall tomorrow
blame the state
Where my brother runs
you know I'm sure to follow
Track Name: I Know How To Break Myself
I Know How To Break Myself

Kings in crowns ringed me round
spun me a sweater each, now bound
They tied each string to familiar things
that I'd not forget what warmth they bring

How I smiled on everything I thought I owned
high on stilts I thought I'd grown

But far away on the clearest day
beckoned a world through window panes
I searched through forests for faces strange
'till I tore my sweater into strings

Blinded sight, coldest night
I leave allegiance back instead
there is nowhere I dare not tread
but back in bed

Breath of fire and eyes a downpour
bring me fists to pull me forward
Trembling inside might grow into a steady roar
I hope will take me face to face with kings
who ruled me with comfort
Take and break this frightened frame
and turn me straight from tame to wild

I take my pride and I throw it away
and face my life
I hear it call across the sea
all this I do before I leave
Track Name: Even Ground
Even Ground

I about boarded a boat
when I had not thought of a note

Changed land, change my mind
further, more I thought I'd find

Even ground even though I know it's safe
never lets me move unless it slips away

Maybe that's a life to find
maybe that's life defined
Track Name: Kill It
Kill It

There's a monster and a man in every mind
a man who only wants for mankind
The monster strips his heart and makes him need
but quiets his fears to sleep
It swallows you
Kill it

We weren't watching for a while
now we see you
We held judgement for a while
and you were laughing

So here I am waiting to change
I wonder, do you feel the same?
You know I can't do it alone
you know I can't do it alone
you know I can't do it alone

And how we all know
what they tell you to
and what you need to do are different
But as a whole
if we decided to
I know that we could fix this
Track Name: Too Much
Too Much
The most intense of emotions I have felt
began very small but it grew to consume itself
It's too much to feel when I don't want this world to end
it's too much to yield to be finite and made contend

Innovation or complication?
Regardless, it leaves only a need for sedation
It's asking more of us every day
and we have no choice 'till it goes away

Why weren't we built to deal with this
can any creator ever be?
And though we spilt and nearly missed
we are creators aren't we

We see what we aren't
but we don't need more than what we are
Run and cover it up
and you will never get enough

There's too much pressure, too much at stake
there's too much love for my heart to take
There's too much world, too close to touch
and so little time, it's just too much

On the day that it came I stood on the edge
and I stared at the town and I fanned the flames
I wanted it all, all in myself
and I though it was wrong if the intensity fell

Well I held it behind my eyes for a time
until it melted down and landed under my lungs
I had to let off steam so I wandered around
and I pondered the sound that came out when I'd shout
Track Name: Eyelids

Pulling off my eyelids
growing now an unmarked iris
I am no more a man
than I am a god

Blurring all the lines
and rowing to a dim-lit island
I am no more these hands
than I am what's wrong

I wanna scream
I wanna find my love
I wanna sing
I wanna live my life

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